Alchemist Paints

Alchemist  Paint

“Choosing colour is something many people struggle with – there’s so much choice that it’s easy to get bamboozled,” says O’Connor

This paint collection has been created to help people choose colours that will enhance the look of the spaces they paint and enhance how they feel when they spend time in the space.

“We wanted to find a way to get people to think about how they wanted to feel in their homes as the starting point for picking paint colours,”

“A kitchen will have a completely different atmosphere to a bedroom, for example. So we’ve created an easy to follow system to help people pick colours based on how they want their space to feel.

“It’s amazing how a simple coat of paint completely changes the atmosphere in a space. Unless of course, you choose the wrong colour!” says Gaynor.


Colours impact how we feel…

We’ve create an easy to follow system with 3 categories , that helps you to pick colours based on how you want to feel in that space.

Alchemist = SERENITY

Relaxing shades to create instant calm. Whether it’s a bedroom or living space, we’ve chosen the perfect shades to help you turn any room into a calm and restful space.

Choose serenity for rooms you want to feel: calm, relaxed, tranquil, clear, balanced, quiet, placid, peaceful and free of dusturbances. Composed, patient, peace of mind, a sence of stillness, comfortable, rested, still, satifsfied, stoic, untroubled.

Alchemist = VITALITY

Energising shades to lift the spirits. Choose from a selection of beautiful uplifting shades to help you feel energised, happy & positive.

Choose Vitality for rooms you want to feel: more intense and more passionate feelings – passion, enthusiasm, zeal, strength, vigor, endurance, fervour, enthusiasm, a hunger, a zest, spirit, fire.

Alchemisrt = CLARITY

Beautiful hues to promote focus and creativity. Our carefully curated shades will help promote productivity, focus and creativity, accuracy, brightness, precision, overtness, awakened & alert.