Decollection Evoque

Art & Style identify the new decorative line conceived to reply to the new trend of design. Research & innovation are both connected to the contemporary aesthetic taste creating modern and versatile solutions.

Fluid patterns, concentric waves, sinuous, structured lines, the illusion of movement is given in an elegant and charming play of graphics. The material quality of the finish blends with the pearly quality of the surface: Tweed, Devoré, Drill, Piquet, Millerighe, Moiré, or Piquet, the textures on the walls are moulded in a harmonious relationship between light and form…

Introduction to Arte & Style

This evolution needed a reflection on the brand that represents our Decorative Line in the world and that today counts 11 finishes. The name Antica Signoria seemed to us particularly linked to the effects of the 90s, when the taste of the decorations was decidedly classic and was well combined with the architectural juxtaposition of the most representative palace of ancient Florence, the Palazzo della Signoria.